rusty 2 in world première at cinekid festival

The world premiere of Ben Tesseur & Steven de Beul's stop-motion series Rusty 2 will take place tomorrow 20th of October during the Cinekind Film Festival 2021.

The scripts have been written by Fiona van Heemstra and Fabie Hulsebos, while the animation is in the hands of Beast Animation. The stop-motion TV series is based on the similarly named and immensely popular Dutch children's books by Sieb Posthuma.

Rusty 2 features an exciting voice cast of talented Dutch actors, including Guy Clemens, Nasrdin Dchar, Jacqueline Blom, Sarah Banier, Clairy Polak, Fé van Kessel, Alice Reijs and Albert-Jan Sluis.

The second season will run for a total of 26 episodes. A brand new episode will be aired on AVROTROS Zappelin starting Monday the 25th of October at 06:50 (with a rerun at 11:00), with following episodes being released every subsequent school day. Season 1 of Rusty will also enjoy a rerun starting Saturday the 23rd of October at 06:50.

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